Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add myself to the mailing list?

How do I become a member of MIT Habitat for Humanity?  Is there any sort of club fee or form I need to submit?
  • Anyone on our mailing list (see above) who volunteers with MIT Habitat in some capacity is considered a general member.  No fees or forms are collected.  Additionally, a core group of students forms the executive board which is responsible for coordinating the leadership and organization of the club.

I’m interested in volunteering with Habitat, but I don’t have any significant construction experience.  Can I still participate in a build?

  • Absolutely!  No construction experience is required whatsoever to participate.  We welcome everyone from all experience levels.

My FSILG/dorm/student group/etc. is interested is doing a group build day (i.e. sending approximately 8 or more volunteers as part of the same group).  Is this possible to setup?

  • Provided there is availability in our schedule, we are happy to setup a group build day.  Our first priority, however, remains providing Habitat volunteer opportunities to club members and the general MIT community.  If you are interested in scheduling a group build day, please contact our build day coordinator at

I’m interested in joining the executive board.  Who should I contact?

  • Typically, our election cycle operates during the beginning the fall semester, but if you’re interested in joining exec, email